Power Up Your Coaching Conversations

Nonverbal distinctions for high-impact coaching conversations

With every interaction, you say much more than your words convey, and you take in even more information than you know how to process.

Whether you are a leader who coaches, or coach who supports leaders and teams, adding the power of the nonverbal dimension can be a game changer. 

Shake up your thinking

Exercise a different perspective to kick-start new ideas and results

Eight lessons | 90 minutes

Learn foundational nonverbal distinctions that will compliment and strengthen your coaching skills

Access powerful hidden coaching questions that will enhance your next session or meeting

Generate new perspectives on challenging issues so you can take appropriate action

Be more present so that you are even more effective in sessions and meetings

Walk away with a basic assessment instrument that will help you find "new" leverage points for change in most any conversation

What's inside 

+ One hour of video divided into eight bite-sized lessons

+ Two Bonus experiments you can test for yourself

+ Four handouts you can print and download

+ Tools you can use in any business setting

Courtney Schwarten
Courtney Schwarten
CEO, Walking Your Talk

About the instructor

Courtney Schwarten is CEO of Walking Your Talk, and the director and lead faculty for the Leading and Coaching through Complexity course. She is known for developing leaders and coaches who more effectively and efficiently empower their teams and clients, cultivating high-level skills for success in rapidly changing and globally connected environments. Courtney has an MBA and is a graduate of Coaching for Organizational Learning (Newfield Network), with ongoing research in systems theory, leadership strategies and cross-cultural human dynamics. She is studying for her black belt in Xin Kung Fu.


Change your conversations from the inside-out.

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